Entry: Ass-U-Me ... Never assume anything! Friday, December 25, 2015

"I can see you're tired of the monotonous life. That's why you write such posts. It's written in your profile you have a husband, but deep down you are alone, I assume. Are you bored. Why don't you give birth to children? This will be a great step forward and nice change in your life. I wish you all the best." This was a comment left in a post I wrote last year I think. I thought it was humorous that someone would come to this conclusion. I'm not sure if the poster meant the comment for me or someone else but really, when making assumptions perhaps one might keep them to themselves.


December 25, 2015   09:27 PM PST
Honestly ... what I don't get is why anyone would be so "judgy". What nerve to not just assume but presume to tell you how you should live. *smh* & *rme*

You rock! Anyone who doesn't know that, doesn't know you!
December 25, 2015   08:34 PM PST
I agree!!

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